Sunday, November 11, 2012



• - What contributions to the education of ethnic-racial relations and citizenship training for science teaching can bring? "• - Science Teaching and education of ethno-racial• - Impact of Natural Sciences in social and racism• - Overcoming stereotypes, valuing diversity and Natural Sciences• - Africa and their descendants and the scientific world• - Science, media and ethno-racial• - Traditional knowledge of African and african-Brazilian and Sciences

• 1 - SCHOOL OF SCIENCE AND ETHNIC-RACIAL RELATIONS• Biological Science shows us that all ethnic groups are of the same family, constituting a single species: Humans.• In the course of history had many conflicts between states, usually driven by greed of rulers and the pursuit of power, sometimes in search of better living conditions.• enslaved Africans as Asian, Asians already enslaved Europeans, Europeans have enslaved Americans. Supremacy in a given historical moment does not justify the supremacy of one ethnic group over another racial group.

- The science teacher should remind students that humans are sociable creatures and must seize the moment of abundance and wealth of a people to reach out and help other people who are going through a climate disaster, natural or health.- All historic grievance must be fought with the word superhuman called forgiveness: Blacks and whites to forgive, forgive Jews and Arabs, Greeks and Turks to forgive, to forgive Hutus and Tutsis. We can build a better future in peace and if we have the greatness to forgive.

• 3 - NATURAL SCIENCES AND RACISM• The Evolution of Charles Darwin, in detriment to the Intelligent Designer (Creationism) was the cause of greater social and racial disgrace in the history of planet Earth. Hitler based his racist theory of the supremacy of the Aryan race, based on natural selection that Darwin claimed to be the factor of species evolution, where the strong survive and the species genetically improved.• Creationism is a branch of biological science, because his thesis is based on the postulate that the biological complexity of microscopic life does not have to be as a result of random evolution.

• 4 - VALUATION OF DIVERSITY• We accept the way of life of our neighbors. Many criticize the lifestyle of the natives, and consider them "bums". But think otherwise. One day a coworker told me the following:• "Smart are the Indians, because they work enough to eat and spend the rest of the time to have fun and relax. We at Western capitalist society, spent his whole life working, studying, gathering power all the time, hoping to accumulate an asset that guarantees a retirement, lying in a hammock, drinking juice on the beach. Many of us can not dream of this, but the Indians all the time living our dream. Perhaps what we feel is jealous of the Indians "

• 5 - AFRICA AND THEIR DESCENDANTS• Being black, white or Indian, being European, American, or African, are not these external stereotypes that matter in life. What matters is we try to cultivate moral values ​​that transcend the peculiarity of a people, such as kindness, love, mercy, faithfulness, patience and other spiritual virtues is that makes us better as an individual and not as a race.• Good and bad in every ethnicity has (Judas betrayed Jesus was Jewish and who was also Jewish. Hitler was European and caused the death of 50 million Europeans with an absurd war. Blacks sold blacks to the slave traders, fueling slavery in America). Biologically and historically we are all one family, the human family.

• CONCLUSION• We should not look at the racial quota system and social as something negative. We give thanks to God for having health and all members and organs functioning. Give a better opportunity for disabled people who have jobs guaranteed by law for employment and study wave, is not proof of anything but love.• If we have love in our hearts we would not need a law to ensure the rights of people with disabilities, we would not need an Elderly Statute to ensure the right of elderly parents being cared for by their children.• On the day that we live with love and warmth, all laws are abolished, pulled out all the lights, all the flag will be harnessed.